If elaborate furniture designs do not catch your fancy, you must buy mid century furniture by Ward Bennett. The clean lines and minimalism of his retro style furniture would impart a contemporary, understated luxury to your home.

For those of you who do not know, Ward Bennett is a New York based retro furniture designer. His furniture designs exhibit unique subtlety and richness that give them a timeless appeal.

Although inconspicuous, Ward Bennetts furniture designs left a great impression on other mid century furniture designers who followed his superior style and furniture designs. Perhaps, this is the reason why he is called designers designer.

As well as designing mid century furniture for Brickel Associates, Ward Bennett designed glassware for Tiffany and Sasaki, lighting for Gitlin, and metalwork for Tiffany and Supreme Cutlery. He also designed houses for famous personalities.

Taking the case of retro style furniture, Ward Bennett designed chairs, tables, and sofas for both homes and offices. You would be surprised to find a wide range of chairs by Ward Bennett in different materials, colors, and designs.

For instance, there is a pair of bleached oak curved arm chairs by Ward Bennett, Ward Bennett lounge chairs, Pair of Ward Bennett Oak And Cane Arm Chairs, Ward Bennett Desk Chair, Pair of Club Chairs Ward Bennett, Pair of curved tufted leather sofas by Ward Bennett, Bennett Club Chairs In Walnut & Mohair, High back leather and bronze desk chairs by Ward Bennett, Tub Chair by Ward Bennett, Sensuous Leopard Armchairs Ward Bennett, Scissors Chair by Ward Bennett, Early Sled Chair by Ward Bennett, and much more.

Then there are leather and fruitwood coffee tables by Ward Bennett, I-Beam Side Table by Ward Bennett, Ward Bennett Side Table, and modern coffee table by Ward Bennett. All retro style furniture items from Ward Bennett are perfect for your home interiors. They would add elegance to your home decor that you would have always fantasized about.

This online retro furniture store would provide you designer furniture and accessories from Ward Bennett as well as other leading retro style furniture designers like Paul Evans, Heywood Wakefield, Herman Miller, Jens Risom, Knoll, Walter Von Nessen, Dunbar, Paul MacCobb, Alvar Aalto, Robsjohn-Gibbings, and many more.

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Exactly how Safe Is the Electrical In Your Home – A DIY Inspection

The following is going to be a super easy guild for you to quickly assess if you have any points that may require instant attention. This is in no way intended as a replacement for an inspection by a licensed home inspector or an electrician.

You wont require any tools to this quick walk around inspection

Issues to look out for.

Do your outlets have grounds. If you look at the power outlet which you plug your appliances into and you only have two slots for each plug, then there is a good chance you dont have a ground wire guarding the outlet.

There are a couple of way of adding protection to the ungrounded circuit. The very best and costliest way would be to rewire the circuit completely. An additional much less pricey option would be to protect the circuit with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) breaker.

Do you have outlets close to the sinks? In many areas there are rules on how far power outlets may be to the sink. What was once considered acceptable is not seen as dangerous. The dangers of electricity are multiplied when water is involved. If you have outlet in a kitchen or bathroom close to the sink you should get an electrician to change them for GFCIs

Do you have hard-wired smoke detectors? Hard-wired and interlinked smoke detectors do not cost much more than a normal battery one, but with the interlink you will hear it all over your house. This could save you life if there’s a fire in another part of your home you’re unaware of. I would highly recommend installing hard-wired smoke detectors on every floor of your house

Do you have an under rated service? Take a look at you electrical panel or breaker box. There will be a main breaker most likely at the top. On the leaver of the breaker will be the apm rating of the panel. If you have a 60 or 70 amp panel you might be uninsured! Modern houses are supplied with 100 or 200 amps service and panels and most insurance companies will not insure a house if it has less than 100 amps. If your panel is less than 100 amps you should call a licensed electrician who has experience with upgrading service and get a quote to upgrade.

Along with the undersized service you’ll probably have old circuit breakers protecting your home. Circuit breakers only have a like of approximately 15 years, after this the level of protection diminishes significantly.

If you want a home that is visually stunning, look for unusual flooring ideas the next time you get ready to remodel. There are ideas that involve unique methods, materials, and combinations for your rooms. Here are a handful of examples.

Designs Cut In Tiles

Some of the most modern flooring ideas involve cutting in different tiles or flooring types to make a unique pattern. One such pattern can be made with a base of stone-look tile. You can then cut artistic shapes into the tile which resemble the flow of water, and fill that space with pebble-look tile that you have cut to fit. The look is fresh, unusual and resembles the way a small stream would look after a rain. You could use many different flooring ideas based on the same methods.

Unusual Mosaic Tiles

There is a whole new breed of mosaic tiles that are being used for flooring today. These new tiles are brighter, in more vivid colors and shinier. They have more sophisticated and artful designs. Materials used for the tiles include metal, glass, mirrors, marble and stone. Some are cut and pieced into murals and complex designs. If you have flooring ideas involving mosaic tiles, you can probably find a company to fulfill your wishes.

Parquet Wood Floors

You can get many flooring ideas by looking at a catalog or display of parquet wood flooring. This type of flooring consists of small veneer pieces which are glued over a wood or concrete floor in most cases. They are usually placed in an intricate and ornate design. Parquet can be sold in individual small pieces to be fitted together by the installer, or it can be sold in tiles which are already put together into one-foot sections.

Bamboo Floors

One of the newest flooring ideas for many people is using bamboo for their flooring material. Bamboo is beautiful and has the appearance of hardwood. Yet, it is less expensive and is environmentally-friendly to boot. That is because it is made up of the stalks of the bamboo plant rather than the wood of a tree. The plant grows quickly compared to a tree, and bamboo resources are constantly renewing. In a world where green living is becoming more and more important, bamboo flooring is a great choice.

You do not need to settle for ordinary floors when you remodel your home the next time. There are so many different ways to change the looks of your rooms with new materials and methods. Use new flooring ideas to make your home more interesting and beautiful.

The advantage one can get for having home bars in their home are countless . They serve to plan the available space of the house or kitchen properly in a lovely decorative way. These home bars are an excellent alternative of making those kitchen space useful .

* The necessity of getting home bars : if you have a habit of asking friends to come over to your house and having a nice party, you can save a lot of money by installing a home bar cheap. It can also makes your house elegant . In place of arranging social meets and parties at some restaurant or hotel, you can easily save money by arranging parties at your own home .

* How to Use Home Bars : Home bars is a good way to hold all the drinks along with glasses, crockery, dishes and other essentials of the home party safe at one place. Home bars work for enhancement of the interior decoration of the home . It does not only saves you money but provides extra boost on the beautification of your home .

* Style : Home bars produce a huge impact on the style and grace of the house . This allows you to make your own small and beautiful arranged pub with the added furnitures of home bars and matching stools .

* Where can one install the home bars? : A home bar should be put in an unobtrusive way. Home bars provides extra space to keep kitchen things in an orderly manner .

Home bars can be installed in kitchen where one can use the cabinets and drawers provided with the home bars to keep various goods of uses . Cheap Home bars can also be installed in the corners of the living room . You can also prepare it separately on a spare room or basement . Such home bars effectively help in holding big affairs of friends at home . There are also small cheap home bars that can be pushed from one place to another place, but takes a lot of time .

A excellent cheap home bar can be used to place all the favorites’ beverages decoratively in the cabinets . One can hold the beers from various brands like Howard, Miller, tiki, wet in a single cabinet and brands of other beverages in order . A person fascinated only in keeping beer, can use various cabinets of cheap home bar to keep beers of different brands .

If you are thinking where to find the home bar cheap you must try out online stores . They allow you to select the best for yourself without much of inconvenience . Also, you can make product specification and price comparisons without having to run from one furniture mart to another .

If you’re planning on building a home in a high-density zone where homes are being built close together, narrow house plans are available to help construct the layout of the home so every room efficiently and economically uses the space available. Architects will learn what you want from the house and create a design that gives you a floor plan that won’t make the space feel small or confined. While narrow home plans can be made for single story houses, many people will find that they must build up in order to be given the amount of rooms their family requires.

With the cost of living on the rise, many people are choosing to live in the same city where they work to cut down on the cost of gas. They may also find that it’s more affordable for them to buy a narrow lot and build a custom home to replace a pre-built house in an old city or town. If you are looking to build in an area where there is a high demand for land, you may find that your only option is to build a narrow home. Narrow home plans can be built using one of the many different types of architectural home styles. You can choose to build a country floor plan just as easily as deciding on a modern design.

An experienced architect will have techniques in order to create a narrow home plan that isn’t cramped or unattractive. They will work with you to design your dream home even if it has a restrictive lot size. Extravagant or simple narrow house plans are available to suit your needs so the house matches your personal style. Working with a designer will help solve any problems you might have, including deciding on the amount of space you need a room to cover for furniture or determining where the location of your garage can be.

Narrow Home Plans Work in City and Suburban Neighborhoods.
Narrow houses don’t only have to be for those that are living in a crowded city. If you own a small plot of land that has restrictions on the size of the building you can construct, narrow home plans can be designed to work with the strict limitations while still providing you with a home you will thoroughly enjoy. Open floor plans give the interior an elegant appearance that blends each room in a way that makes the area appear larger than it really is. Every room will be economically designed so no space goes unused.

Narrow home plans won’t be more than 40 or 50 feet across depending on the area you plan to build. A professional architect will have the creative means to develop a home that fits all the rooms needed for the family. Narrow houses will generally be built with multiple stories in order to accommodate the common living areas and bedrooms. When done properly, the home should be unique and resourceful.